We could all use a little more support…

…when it comes to the demands of raising our children in today’s world. Sometimes, just the listening ear of a caring professional who will not judge or discourage you is all any parent needs to figure out what they know is best for their child. At other times, maybe some skills training in parenting techniques and actions would be helpful in addressing issues that you didn’t see coming as a parent.
Let’s face it; there are a lot of forces working against us as parents today. There is peer influence, poor examples of family life in the homes of our kids’ friends, movies, television, video games, social media, the internet, advertising, and the instant gratification that comes from the ability to communicate with anyone at any time via texting.

However, the most profound force working against us today is the decline in the moral fiber of society that encourages our kids to be self-centered, self-indulgent, and focused on what they can get or take from others, rather than what they can offer or give to others.

The truth is—being a parent is hard work. And being a good parent is A LOT of hard work.

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