Who Am I, Really?

who-am-i-reallyby Deb Toering, LPC, NCC

Who or what has defined you? Was it that bully in 6th grade who told you that you were ugly, fat or stupid? Was it your dad, with so many struggles of his own, that his lack of attention and affection made you feel unlovable? Was it your mom, battling depression, who led you to believe your only hope for finding self-worth was in being a caretaker? Perhaps it was a serious illness that took a toll on your physical strength, leaving you feeling fragile and anxious. Maybe you have been abused physically, emotionally or sexually and for you, the message was that you are worthless and unworthy of being loved or that you were to be blamed.

These beliefs affect the way we live out our lives. Think about how different your life story could have been and—could be—if you embraced something different about yourself, perhaps the truth.

Who gave broken people and unfortunate experiences the power to define you? You did, although not knowingly. Would you, at this point in your story, have the courage to challenge those long-held beliefs about yourself? Trying to understand how you made sense of life in the past, perhaps as a young child may be painful, but well worth it. Understanding those people in your life who have hurt you is the beginning of the healing journey toward forgiveness, and adopting a true view of yourself. What’s keeping you from rewriting the story of your life?

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