When Bringing Baby Home Does Not Equal Instant Joy

anxious new momby Cristin Patterson, LLPC, NCC

In spite of nine months of anticipation—a new mom is often unprepared for the adjustment that is involved when caring for an infant. Round the clock feedings, lack of sleep, learning your baby’s temperament are just part of what a new mom goes through. On top of that, she is also recovering from giving birth, which encompasses a hormonal shift that can only be compared to a roller coaster ride.

Motherhood adds new demands, in addition to reconciling the loss of what life was like before — when she had some sense of control over her time.  Our own ideals, backed by society’s ideals, lead us to believe that this should be a glorious time full of joy. But many moms find this time to be incredibly overwhelming and are often left to struggle in silence.   The hormonal changes a new mom endures can affect chemicals in the brain that may lead to mood and anxiety disorders. Perinatal mood and anxiety disorders can occur at any time during pregnancy or during the first year after giving birth.  Perinatal mood disorders are treatable.

Through individual counseling, support and possibly medication a new mom can feel more like herself, and be the mom she desires to be. It is possible that untreated anxiety and mood disorders may go away over time, but the longer a mom suffers — the longer the entire family suffers.  If you are a new mom and you are struggling, know that you are not alone and there is help.

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