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    Is It Really Just a Friendly Conversation?

    by Wendy Warner, LPC, NCC Have you heard that a frog will sit in a pot of water on a stove unaware that the temperature is rising until it boils and cooks him? He is fully capable...

    • Posted November 19, 2017
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  • blended family stones
    “One Big Happy, Crazy, Accepting, Blended Family”

    by Tonya Ratliff, LPC, NCC, ACS Those of us who came of age watching “The Brady Bunch” had no idea that this example of a blended family was all a ruse. The struggles, animosities, emotional scars, and...

    • Posted October 29, 2017
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  • anxious girl
    Supporting Your Anxious Child

    by Cristin Patterson, LLPC, NCC When our children are worried and anxious we try to reassure them by saying “trust me”, “you will do great”, or “you will be okay”.  Our intention is to help them feel...

    • Posted October 16, 2017
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  • troubled couple
    The Havoc of ADHD in Marriage

    by Deb Toering, LPC, NCC The addition of ADD/ADHD into the already complicated equation of marriage can result in both partners feeling unloved. Some of the negative (and there are many positives) aspects of ADHD such as...

    • Posted October 1, 2017
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  • girl making decision
    Embracing Your Teen’s Journey to Independence

    by Wendy Warner, LPC, NCC It is debatable which is tougher; being a teenager or the parents of a teenager. The halls of most high schools remind me a bit of a jungle.  There are threats lurking...

    • Posted September 17, 2017
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    How Do You Define YOU?

    by Tonya Ratliff, LPC, NCC, ACS As I have watched the Hurricane Harvey coverage this week, I am inspired by the countless acts of selflessness by those reaching out to help. I got to thinking… Our lives...

    • Posted September 4, 2017
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  • anxious new mom
    When Bringing Baby Home Does Not Equal Instant Joy

    by Cristin Patterson, LLPC, NCC In spite of nine months of anticipation—a new mom is often unprepared for the adjustment that is involved when caring for an infant. Round the clock feedings, lack of sleep, learning your...

    • Posted August 18, 2017
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  • addicted to the internet
    Social Media Can be Hazardous to Your Mental Health

    by Deb Toering, LPC, NCC Social media can affect your relationships, your motivation, and your self-image. How so?  How often have you observed two people at a restaurant, both on their phones rather than conversing with each...

    • Posted August 7, 2017
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  • can I trust you
    Can I Trust You?

    by Wendy Warner, LPC, NCC Let me start by stating the obvious: honesty in relationships is essential. We all want to believe that our partner is willing to tell us the truth in matters great and small....

    • Posted July 23, 2017
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  • sad-stressed-man
    Emotional Consequences of Job Loss

    by Tonya Ratliff, LPC, NCC, ACS Most people make the assumption that grief and loss are only experienced with the death of a loved one. However, loss comes in many other life experiences and grief is often...

    • Posted July 8, 2017
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