Social Media Can be Hazardous to Your Mental Health

addicted to the internetby Deb Toering, LPC, NCC

Social media can affect your relationships, your motivation, and your self-image. How so?  How often have you observed two people at a restaurant, both on their phones rather than conversing with each other? It is difficult to compete with the stimulation that the phone offers.

For some, a quick check of their social media expands into minutes and even hours. Soon the motivation for daily responsibilities is lost. Guilt results and momentum is lost.  For others, checking for the number of “likes” on a Facebook post can result in a distorted, negative view of themselves if the numbers are not what was expected. Everyone else seems to be having more fun, going on nicer vacations or experiencing better relationships.

Social media, for some can become an addiction, trumping real relationship and hindering productivity. Is it the first thing that must be checked in the morning or the last thing needed to be reviewed before bed? Is it interrupting your work? If so, perhaps it is time to draw some boundaries around it and even enlist the help of a professional counselor.

Some apps can be deleted so access is not as easy. Devices may have to be placed in another room while you are trying to work or converse with someone important to you. Being intentional about your use of social media can lead to improved relationships and increased productivity, which can only have a positive effect on your self-image!

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