How Counseling Can Help When You Feel “Stuck”

new-life-old-life-signby Cristin Patterson, LLPC, NCC

The very moment our life was created we embarked upon a journey consisting of transitions.  A transition is simply the process in which we change from one state or condition to another.   When a transition occurs it forces us to replace the old way of life, and enter into uncharted territory.

Some transitions can be prepared for and welcomed such as a graduation, a marriage, or a new job.  Other transitions are unwanted and unexpected such as the loss of a loved one, the end of a relationship, or the loss of a job.  These transitions force a change upon us.

Often when the change is unwanted and unexpected, we resist it.  We are being forced to enter a path we never planned to travel.  Fear and doubt are often the first companions to meet us, causing us to instantly halt from going any further down that path.   In other words, it’s a way to say “No, I do not want to accept this change.”  Over time, we are left feeling stuck or lost and we are unsure how to move beyond that roadblock.

Counseling provides individuals with a way to process the event that created the change as well as, identify the adjustments that need to take place that will allow us to move forward and away from feeling stuck.  The counseling process accompanies you on that path until you are able to embark on your own and move forward into a new way of life.

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