Embracing the Uncomfortable Seasons of Our Lives

winter-seasonby Cristin Patterson, LLPC, NCC

As we embark upon the winter season, it reminds me of the seasons that we often encounter in our own lives. All seasons serve a purpose—a purpose that involves change. The seasonal changes here in Michigan can bring about uncomfortable weather, such as the bitter cold in the winter or the sweltering heat of summer. The seasons that occur in our lives can also put us in a state that can feel just as uncomfortable.

This state of discomfort is often dominated by uncertainty and underlined with fear.  Maybe it’s the student who struggles academically or socially in school, and is fearful of what their future holds… Or maybe it’s the spouse who is unhappy and considering a divorce… Or an employee who is contemplating retirement…

At any stage in our lives we can encounter a season of discomfort that leaves us feeling overwhelmed, uncertain, and unable to see our future with direction or clarity. We are often unable to recognize the personal growth that occurs following an uncomfortable season until that season has passed. However, we need to embrace the struggle. We need to recognize and find comfort in the knowledge that each season of our lives serves a purpose—a purpose that involves change.

If you find yourself in a season of uncomfortable change, consider talking to a professional counselor who can assist you with guidance, understanding, and clarity toward the personal growth that is occurring in your life.

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